“Groceries Vol. 1”-Muncho Da Mad Man

Nowadays the rap game has changed dramatically.  Once in a season we would listen to music that told a detailed story and used multiple words to describe the point of view from that artist.  When you cut on the radio today you hear music where you can’t make out 3 whole lines of songs, fortunately this Houston rapper is not that.

“In an age where lyricism is becoming a somewhat afterthought, I’ve done my best to not only incorporate raw lyrics but also have meaning to what’s being said. In GROCERIES VOL1 there are a mixture of songs ranging from a raw, street, gritty atmosphere as well as songs that express a need for assistance and understanding.

I titled my mixtape series the way I did because everyone from the homeless individual with a cup asking for change to the millionaires of the world can relate to the need for groceries. Coming from where I come from, I and so many others do whatever we can to get them. I am a new and fairly unknown artist from Houston Texas where we have a rich and diverse culture in hip hop as well as from a demographic aspect. I chose to speak on topics in this 1st volume that I’m sure people could relate to. Hungry is a real depiction of what happens when a man has exhausted every option to secure those groceries for his family, however the results are not what he expected or feels is sufficient so he goes out and gets it the best way he can. But when you listen to help, you hearing how I and many feel about the daily struggles associated with providing for your family. Feeling like some don’t really care about your situation because their needs are indeed paramount to yours as we are still underneath the poverty line looking up at it wondering when we will get a better view.

I have a couple more songs that reach the street audience like Hustle and 15. While Hustle and 15 are self explanatory I also have a spoken word poem on this volume to end the project, which delves into a place where so many of us go when have reached the point of no return. My favorite song on VOL1 has to be The Real. It incorporates an early RUN DMC and Jam Master Jay mix from the boom bap era of hip hop and I just had to use that music and incorporate my southern style and deliver what I think is an outstanding fusion of old school with a southern twist. I believe that people who are looking​ for good music will appreciate what I’ve done. I’ve written serious lyrics and recorded over some familiar instrumentals on this project from UGK, RUN DMC as a stated earlier as well as the Beastie Boys.

For my first mixtape I feel I did a good job delivering lyrics with a meaning seeing as how hip hop is an art to use as a platform for your expression. This is what I go through daily. This is not an account of tales that I’ve heard through third party drinking sessions, I wake up in the struggle so that’s what I write about. I can’t write and recite about shining and balling because I’m not living like that. I’m from the north side of Houston Texas and just because its not block to block projects doesn’t mean it’s not ugly here. Trust me these neighborhoods breed the same type of individuals that come out of the projects.

We are all hungry down here and the struggle is real. GROCERIES is not just something some of say, it’s not a fad to be trended. It is indeed a way of life, this is a movement… GROCERIES……”



This Post is posted by Keith "Keef Keyz" Coston

At the early age of four Keith became interested in music and started playing instruments for churches and artists at the age of 6. Growing up playing the drums as well as piano, he became the music director for multiple bands and national church fellowships. In 2005 Keith began to learn the art of recording and in 2008 he launched his studio label, "Keef Keyz Productions." Working on multiple projects and creating music daily he has learned the art of music and producing from a professional standpoint. He has been a student of the art and a student to the business of music daily. Keefkeyz@yahoo.com