Get Your Music Heard in Facebook Groups

How to Get Your Music Heard in Facebook Groups

Article written by Keith “Keef Keyz” Coston

Alright. So according to, Facebook is the second most visited website in 2015. And that says a lot.

Rule number 1: You should be on Facebook. So let’s say that you are on Facebook. So there’s many different ways that we can go about using Facebook in particular add on Fan Page or branding yourself as an individual but I want to focus just on the Facebook Groups for a second.


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A lot of times, us as musicians, artists and producers, we get caught up in our business. We get caught up in the veil that we sit behind of our company or the brand that we portray our self instead of me just being me. No, I am just producer. You know what I am saying? A lot of times we drift away from being personal and the problem with that is that social networks are designed for you to be personal.


See, that is the whole idea of even creating a social network. It’s to be social. It’s to have opportunities to where we can converse with a network and we can talk about different things.


That is the essence of what a social network is. And my advise all the time to people is that they ask me, “Well, how do I use Facebook to actually get customers and clients or to get my music heard?” And I say, “Be human.”


Facebook Group, a lot of times in a lot of Facebook Groups that you joined, especially the ones that have a lot of numbers, a lot of people in the group, people just go on there and they just post stuff thinking that every single person that goes into the group, they will run pass their music. They are going to run pass their post, like it, share it, click it, and most of the time, that is not even the case. Nobody is concerned about anybody else. Everybody is concerned about their self.


            So what do you do?

What works out best for me is that I go introduce groups, especially the ones with high numbers. I am in a couple groups that is actually like has 20,000 people or something like that, and in these groups, nobody is concerned about anybody else but me. And I am not even concerned about things that I post or anything like that. I rarely post anything in these groups. But the one thing that I do is that I comment and I actually am the one person who goes through everybody’s stuff and I pay attention to them.


Now, why is that important? This is the key that of reciprocity. Reciprocity is the more that I do for someone else then they feel obligated and entitled to do something for me, subconsciously this is  How to Get Your Music Heard in Facebook Groups.


Nobody has to tell me to do it. It just feel that way. It’s like a trust, a level of trust. You know, the more you trust me, the more I trust you, the more things happen. You know, because I would… Nothing will ever happen with someone who I don’t trust.


A lot of times in this Facebook Groups, what I do is that, I go through and I listen all of the music that they post. I’ll go through and I’ll comment on it. You know what I mean? I will critic it. I ask them, “Do you need any help?”


But the focus is to keep the focus with them. The key is to keep the focus on them. Don’t worry about yourself at all.


The money will come later. What you need to do is you need to network. You need to build your clientele and this is how you actually build it. A lot of times people are turned off by a sale but they are not turned off by trust and by someone helping them.


So you have to kind of get your mentality rolling in that direction to think about that, to actually be there for others. Be there for other artists, for other producers, for other bloggers.  And then when they need something, that they come to you.


Me, I am a producer so a lot of times artists don’t needs to beats every three seconds. They are not working on a project every week of the year. You know what I mean? They are not working on a new single every single day. So not many times do they need beat mixer. They don’t need something mix and master. You know what I mean?


That is someone you focus on just the relationship. That is when you focus on networking. And on these Facebook Groups is the perfect opportunity to do that.


A lot of times we think that people are just going to stumble upon are music, stumble upon our websites. We don’t think that we have to caught them and get these people. The thing that Facebook does, especially these large groups and these small groups is that they already put all the people you need in one spot.


You have to think like that. You know, it’s not more so, “Where can I go to get more customers?” It is, “How can I convert these people into customers? How can I convert these people into listeners for my music? How can I convert these people to support me and my music? How can I do that?” That is the mindset that you have to have.


Now, there is many different ways that you can go about contacting and actually conversing with and to support and help all other artists so that they can help you back in return but the key is to be human. The key is to go into these groups as an artist, as a producer, as a musician and talk. But don’t talk about yourself, talk about them. Talk about them.


I can tell you there has been so many times that I have met artists and I have just built relationships with them and they haven’t work on anything all year. Then, come towards the end of the year, they are working on one project that they need multiple beats for or the whole project mix and master and they just call me up. And all of a sudden, I am working on a handful of projects at one time.


Now, despite the stress level of that, all that money comes in at one time, all of that business comes in at one time but that business never would have been there if I skipped over the fact that I just genuinely wanted to help them. You know what I mean?


What if all of a sudden they start doing well and then they just need a producer on call? That should be you. If you are an artist and you know event planners or people who just do a lot of events or promotions and they need a specific artist, unless you built that relationship with them, how do you expect for them to call you? How do you expect for that business to actually come to you?


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This Post is posted by Keith "Keef Keyz" Coston

At the early age of four Keith became interested in music and started playing instruments for churches and artists at the age of 6. Growing up playing the drums as well as piano, he became the music director for multiple bands and national church fellowships. In 2005 Keith began to learn the art of recording and in 2008 he launched his studio label, "Keef Keyz Productions." Working on multiple projects and creating music daily he has learned the art of music and producing from a professional standpoint. He has been a student of the art and a student to the business of music daily.