“Dirty”- Heis

We all know, felt, seen, and heard of the on-going racial opposition that in the country of U.S.  Some of us cope racial injustice differently and we all have a point of view on it.  Some people talk about it, some criticize, some want to make a change, and some just don’t care at all.

Hip-Hop artist “Heis” comes to give us his point of view on the racial injustice that we all know of. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Marquis, also known as Heis, is a young student majoring in computer science/security. Using life experiences and current events to fuel his music, he looks to change the world through it and hopes to leave it a better place.

This Track called “Dirty” is the personal view of Heis and it is raw and direct.  People would want to distort or color the picture but really these topics are black and white and this track is very real and authentic.

Since Trump was elected president, there has been a jump in the number of blatantly racist posts, comments and actions all over the country. Social media has given people with disgusting mindsets an outlet to spew hatred. It’s almost impossible to go online and not see someone saying something crazy. Trying to respond to each and every bigoted comment can be overwhelming and quite frankly doesn’t solve anything. Instead, Heis has decided to give his views on the current state of the country. Using current events and personal accounts, he gives his opinion on these types of people and what they represent. Dirty acts as a diary to vent about just a few of the things being seen everyday. From comments online to police shooting unarmed, innocent black men, Heis tries to cover as much as he can in the 4 minute track. Dirty is meant to start a discussion about the norms in this country. It is also simply a response to what is being said all over. If it offends you, you should think about what that says about the way you think and your personal views. 

To download and listen to “Dirty” click here!



This Post is posted by Keith "Keef Keyz" Coston

At the early age of four Keith became interested in music and started playing instruments for churches and artists at the age of 6. Growing up playing the drums as well as piano, he became the music director for multiple bands and national church fellowships. In 2005 Keith began to learn the art of recording and in 2008 he launched his studio label, "Keef Keyz Productions." Working on multiple projects and creating music daily he has learned the art of music and producing from a professional standpoint. He has been a student of the art and a student to the business of music daily. Keefkeyz@yahoo.com