“Demo”- Andra’e fka Poetre’

“Demo”- Andra’e fka Poetre’

This Toronto native as been making his mark in the music industry for years now from Toronto to Philadelphia.  He has now put a staple in the the year of 2017 by releasing his latest project entitled “Demo.”  This project was produced by Andra’e himself and shows the Sounds of heart melting soul, funky twists, and samples that will take you back to childhood days comprised into one spirit. From Toronto Canada, Christian Rapper Andra’e seeks to bring light throughout his music. Christ as the center and main purpose of his artistry; Andra’e seeks that people will also begin to know Christ through his ministry in music as an Independent Artist. Andra’e fka Poetre’ starts off the year creating a wave.

A sample of heart melting soul, funky twists, and samples that’ll take you back to the 90’s. Opener “Fall(in)” is a deep abyss of solitude as Andra’e seeks Christ through a breaking foundation, the funky African sounds of “Sweeter The Juice” featuring Drew Smith acknowledges the black culture. Andra’e quotes, “Im the new age Harriet Tubman, this my Underground Railroad. Lead my people to freedom only to save their souls.” “No Love”– a soulful selection accompanied by 3LW’s “No Scrubs” sample takes you to a new sound of the 90’s with sax riff’s that’ll leave you at the edge of your seat. “demo” is just the beginning of new sound, new found body in Christ.

1. (In)trolude
2. Fall(in)
3. (Vibe)rations
4. Wanna (Be) Down
5. Hit My Line (feat. Q-Flo)
6. No (Love?)
7. Sweeter The Juice (feat. Drew Smith)
8.Where Could I Go (feat. Don Cephas)
9. Wxngs


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Instagram – @andraemusik
Twitter – @andraemusik
Facebook – Trevaughn Bell


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