Behind The Mix-A.D. from Anno Domini Beats

Behind The Mix-A.D. from Anno Domini Beats

The exclusive Behind the Mix interview with international multi-platinum producer A.D. from Anno Domini Beats!

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He has worked with companies such as BMW, Ford, NATO, BET, MTV, ESPN and more. He also has produced for some well-known artists such as 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg, Rick Ross, Kool G Rap, Styles P and much more!

Behind the Mix is a video series where we interview different producers, artists, engineers, and musicians about techniques, hardware, software, concepts, or inspiration that they use to make their music come to life. They share information that will allow us to help create and shape our own music.

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This Post is posted by Keith "Keef Keyz" Coston

At the early age of four Keith became interested in music and started playing instruments for churches and artists at the age of 6. Growing up playing the drums as well as piano, he became the music director for multiple bands and national church fellowships. In 2005 Keith began to learn the art of recording and in 2008 he launched his studio label, "Keef Keyz Productions." Working on multiple projects and creating music daily he has learned the art of music and producing from a professional standpoint. He has been a student of the art and a student to the business of music daily.