Welcome To Keef Keyz Productions

Established in 2008, a unique broad-based music company was formed consisting of musicians, music prouders, and artists. Headed by music producer and musician Keith Coston, Keef Keyz Productions came to the platform of helping out many artists, musicians, and music producers across the world.  Keef Keyz Productions specializes in Live Musical Arrangements, Musician development, Studio Production, and providing custom tailored instrumentals.  


KeefKeyz.com was launched in 2011 designed to help anyone with a desire for music.  We have free music available download, instrumentals both free and for sale, studio services including mixing and mastering, and many other features that will enhance any musical expierence.

Why KKP ?

Our Company Mission

To focus on the independent artist and provide services, music, information, and tips to help further their music career.

The KKP Philosophy

We believe that music is one of he only expressions that enter in our body without permision, like singing the evelator music when you got off.  We believe in enchancing our expressons by focusing on the motives or the reasons to which we have expressions.

The KPP Promise

We believe that the artist comes first and we promise that with every piece of music and every service be done in excellence and is done the right first time!

Our Crazy Skills

  • Instrumentals


  • Mixing/Mastering


  • Artist Development


  • Working


Meet Our Team


 At the early age of four Keith became interested in music.  By the age of six he became the drummer of a small church in Philadelphia, PA.  In 1997, Keith was became the main drummer for his home church in Norristown PA.

When Keith reached the age of eleven, a passion to play the keyboard was established.  He began to study and teach himself the fundamentals of the keyboard and how to play.  Shortly after, Keith began to play for many groups and churches in the Philadelphia area.  In 2011 he became the music director of a local fellowship of churches, Deliverance Covenant Fellowship of Churches, and in 2013 he became the state music director of an interantionl fellowship by the name of Kingdom Connection Fellowship International. 

In 2005 Keith began to learn the art of recording and started to create original music in his basement.  By 2008 he launched his studio label, "Keef Keyz Productions." In 2011 Keith produced his first production project called "Cruise Control" for the artist D. Poole. Working on multiple projects and creating music daily he has learned the art of music and producing from a professional standpoint. He has been a student of the art and a student to the business of music daily.

Keith is currently working on projects for various artists, groups, and ministries.  He composes and produces music on a daily basis.

Our Happy Clients